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What is the Most Important Item in PPC?


Who is it Important too?

To Customers… they want…  1/ Company can do Service  2/ Company is local (in city)

To Google…  Google wants…  to make customers happy so customer love their search engine

… so it the same… 1/ Company can do Service  2/ Company is local (in city)

If we provide PPC Content Relevance, what happens?


1/ View Google Ads and click more (25% -40% more)

2/ View company website pages and convert/call more (40-50% more)


REMEMBER, Google wants the customer happy… so Google TOTALY aligns with the customer

Google measures Content Relevance by calculating a “Quality Score”

Note: this includes Load speed Mobile & Desk

EVERY TIME your Google Ad shows, a quality score is calculated …. 1 (bad) – 10 (good)

EVERY TIME your Google Ad shows (say you bid $20), Google takes the Quality Score and either increases the $20’s value (higher QS) or decreases the $20 value (lower QS).  In Summary, It can either cost more or less to be in the same position depending on Quality Score.


Let’s do an Example – Focusing on Dollars Saved?

SCENARIO – Say we need to keep 5 techs busy… 3 jobs/day x 5 days a week x 5 techs = Need 75 jobs

GOOGLE COST… Quality Score assumed at “5”

Say it takes 4 clicks to get a job… 4 clicks per job x 75 jobs = Need 300 clicks

Say average Click costs $15 dollars… cost = $4500  ($234,000 per year)

GOOGLE SAVINGS… with Better Quality Score

If we can move the QS to 6 (16% discount)… to 8 (35% discount)

At 16% of $4500 = Save $720 a week ($37,440 per year)

At 35% of $4500 =  Save $1575 a week ($81,900 per year)

CUSTOMER SAVINGS… with Better Quality Score (more content relevance)

Google Ad CTR (Click Thru Rate)… With more relavant Google Ad (City & Service) the CTR is going to be higher/better.  A/ more customers going to your website/landing pages = bigger set of customers  B/ This is a key factor for QS.  There is $$$ value here, yet I am NOT going to add it in.

Conversion Rate (number of clicks to website/landing page to get a conversion/call)… With more relevant website/landing page (City & Service) & Great mobile experience…  the Conversion rate is going to be higher/better.  There is $$$ value here, it should added in.

If it takes 1/4 clicks less on average to get a call (we will not say a full click).  If click average cost is $15. Jobs per week =  75.  Was 4 click to get a job, not we reduce that to 3.75.  So, save $3.75 (1/4 of $15 click) to get a job.  $3.75 x 75 = $281.25 per week ($14,625 per year)

In Summary, with better Quality Score / Content Relevance… Example Saves

At “6” QS, $44,752

At “8” QS, $96,525




Website Landing Pages

Solution Types

  • Type A: 1 Page: Home Page – Not So Good: QS = 3-5
  • Type B: 1 Page: All Services – Not So Good: QS = 3-5
  • Type C: 1 Page: All Services 1-2 Cities – Little Better than Not so good: QS = 4-5
  • Type D: 5-8 Pages: 1 per Service (maybe a city) – More Better than Not so good: 4-5 (maybe 6)
  • Type E: MANY pages: 1 page per service per city (6 services X 20 cities = 120 pages) – BY FAR THE BEST:7-8 (maybe 9)


Key Words

Plano Drain Cleaning
Plano Plumbing Repair
Plano Leak Detection
Plano Water Heater
Plano Slab Leak
Plano Tankless Water Heater
Plano Water Line Repair
Plano Sewer Line Repair
Plano Gas Line Repair
Plano Pipe Replacement
Plano Water Filtration Installation

Good Type D
Type E
Type E